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1. 努力做某事

try one's best to do sth → spare no effort to do sth

make joint / combined efforts to do sth 


go to great lengths to do sth

devote / commit / dedicate oneself to doing sth

2. 尝试做某事

try to do sth → attempt to do sth = make an attempt to do sth

have a go at doing sth

3. 采取有效 / 立即 / 具体 / 相关 / 强有力的行动(措施)做某事

take effective / immediate / concrete / relevant / forceful action / measures / steps to do sth


Immediate measures should be taken to address the problem.

Measures should be taken to address the problem without delay.

4. 某事很重要

play an important / vital / essential role (in sth)

be of vital importance to sb / sth  

类似 be of great value / benefit to sb / sth

双重否定表强调:Nothing is of more importance than sth.

5. 重视某事

attach (much) importance / significance to sth

lay emphasis / stress on sth

stress the importance of sth

双重否定:We can never lay too much emphasis on sth


turn a blind eye to sth; turn a deaf ear to sth

By no means should we ignore / neglect / overlook the importance of sth

7. 倾向于做某事

tend to do sth → have a tendency to do sth

There is a tendency for sb to do sth

8. 可能做某事;某事可能发生

be likely to do sth

It is likely that sb / sth will do sth.

There is a high possibility that… = Chances are that…

9. 一定会做某事,某事一定会发生

be bound / sure to do sth

10. 不得不做某事

have no choice / alternative but to do sth = can't choose but do sth

11. 将某事考虑进去

take sth into consideration / account

take it into consideration / account that 从句

12. 将某事牢记在心

keep sth in mind / keep it in mind that 从句

13. 认为某事理所当然

take sth for granted / take it for granted that 从句

14. 产生积极 / 消极 / 深远影响 / 副作用

have positive / negative / far-reaching / side effects on sth

do / cause (great) harm / damage to sth

15. 有做某事的权利 / 自由 / 机会 / 动力 / 渴望 / 魔力

have the right / freedom / opportunity / motivation / desire / magic to do sth

16. 做某事有困难

have (great) trouble / difficulty (in) doing sth

17. 给某人树立榜样

set a good example to sb

act / serve as a role model to sb

18. 向某人学习,效仿某人

follow the example of sb

follow in the footsteps of sb

19. 呼吁某人做某事

call on sb to do sth

appeal to sb to do sth = make an appeal to sb to do sth

20. 提高某人对某事的意识

raise one's awareness of sth = make sb aware of sth

make sb have a better understanding of sth

21. 做某事前三思

think twice before doing sth

22. 设身处地为某人着想

put oneself in sb's shoes

23. 从另一个角度看待某事

see sth from another angle / a different angle

24. 某事使某人想起

sth remind sb of sth

25. 某事使人深思

sth set sb thinking   

26. 在一定 / 很大程度上

to a certain / a large degree / extent

27. 短 / 长期看来

in / over the short / long term

28. 变得越来越流行

become more and more popular → become increasingly popular = gain increasing popularity

sth has become a hit 

已经变成风靡一时的流行 / 成功

29. 问题变得日益严重 

The problem is becoming increasingly serious → sth is becoming more of a problem

sth has become a headache 


30. 随着某物的发展

with the rapid development of the Internet / people's living standards as the internet is developing at a fast rate

31. 在一个信息爆炸的世界

in a world of information explosion 

in the era of globalization 


32. 发自内心地

from the bottom of one's heart

33. 全心全意地

wholeheartedly = heart and soul

34. 毫无疑问 / 毫不犹豫 / 毫不耽搁 / 毫无保留地

without doubt / hesitation / delay / reservation

35. 不管是什么情况 / 理由

whatever the situation / circumstances / reason 

regardless of any possible difficulties  不顾任何困难

36. 关于个人发展

broaden one's horizons and expand one's scope of knowledge 


boost one's confidence and inspire one's motivation 


enhance one's willpower and contribute to one's future success 


form correct values and morals 


37. 关于该做什么

overcome difficulties and conquer obstacles / challenges 

克服困难,征服阻碍 / 挑战

resist the temptation and stick to our principles 


share our sorrows and double our joys 


drive away our loneliness and get rid of our tiredness 


cherish what we already possess and pursue what we truly need 


reflect on our mistakes and give thought to ways to correct them 





e.g. Without goals, we would be like ships with no destination, in which case we might end up getting nowhere.


e.g. It is our heart-warming gestures towards people in need that can make a difference to the world we live in.


1) 否定放句首倒装

Not only should we …,but also we ought to do … 


Under no circumstances / By no means / On no account / In no caseshould we … 我们绝不能...

2) Only + 状语放句首倒装

Only in this way / by doing sth / when … can we…

3) So / Such 放句首倒装,表“如此…以至于…”

e.g. So shameful are these behaviors that they stain the reputation of China.

Such a meaningful event is the street store program that I am willing to participate in it.

4) 让步状从的倒装,表“尽管”

e.g. Convenient as / though digital reading is, it will not replace traditional reading in a million years.

5) if虚拟语气从句中的倒装

e.g. Were I a participant of this event, I would appeal to my friends to get involved in it.

04丨祈使句,+and / or +完整句子

e.g. Smile at our life, and we are sure to get a smile in return.


1) There is no doubt that … 


2) There is no denying that…


3) There is no need to do sth


4) There is no point / sense in doing sth


5) It doesn’t make (much) sense to do sth

做某事没道理 / 意义

6) It is no good/use doing sth


7) It is high / about time that sb did / should do sth


8) It is high on the agenda that sb should do sth


9) The time is ripe for sb to do sth


10) It goes without saying that …


11) It is likely that … = There is a high possibility that… = (The) chances are that … 


12) It is not uncommon for sb to do sth; It is not uncommon that sb do sth  


13) It is a must for sb to do sth  


14) What impresses me most is that …


15) It is not A but B that really counts. 


16) It is A rather than B that make a difference. 


17) It is important / necessary for sb either to do A or do B  


18) This is especially true when it comes to …  

当提到 … 这一点也很适用

19) (Doing) sth is the key to doing sth  


20) Doing sth is also a good choice / a wise option.  

…也是一个不错的选择 / 英明的抉择


1) When it comes to ..., I hold the view that …


2) I applaud / am in favor of / stand up for / can’t agree more with one's viewpoint that … 


3) Every coin has two sides, and sth is no exception. 


4) Just like a double-edged sword, sth has both advantages and disadvantages. 


5) The reasons why … can be listed as follows. 


6) There are many factors that can account for sth 


07丨有文采的词句表达 (恰当的习 / 谚语,常用的比喻等)

1) sb / sth has become a household name


2) a blessing in disguise 


3) stop eating for fear of chocking


4) look on the bright side (of sth) 


5) Every cloud has a silver lining.  


6) a stepping stone towards success 


7) climb the ladder of success 


8) keep the sacred lamp of friendship burning all our life 


9) Where others see failure, they see possibility. Where others see a closed door they see an open window.

10) When one door of opportunity closes, another will open.

11) Every failure is a stepping stone towards success, and we keep learning along the way.

12) A proper goal is like a lighthouse, guiding us in the darkness towards the right direction.13) We can find in real books the peace which has almost disappeared in a chaotic and fast-paced world.

14) Life is like a winding path surrounded by flowers, butterflies and delicious fruits, but many of us blindly spend much time looking for happiness around the next corner.

15) Only when we make good use of the precious time can we win the race against tim

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